Alfa Maynard Lewis' Story

Date: 06 March 2019


Alfa Maynard Lewis the man who only wanted to improve his First Aid Knowledge

Story by Ruth Lewis

Maynard was an active member of the local Civil Defence Unit, where he was a trainer, when he decided to improve his First Aid knowledge; in 1957 he joined the Gorseinon Group of Works Ambulance Division.

Within a few weeks, Maynard’s leadership qualities became apparent and he took over as Divisional Secretary.  Following the appropriate courses, he became the Divisional Officer and the Divisional Superintendent.

When the local Division ceased to function, due to the decline in local industry in the area, Maynard transferred to Loughor Division as Superintendent in 1977, a post he held until promotion to County Staff officer in  1980, until reorganisation of the Counties in St. John. He would frequently visit the Divisions, stepping in where necessary to teach all sections. Upon one occasion, when accompanying his wife, Ruth, who was doing a Divisional inspection, he did an impromptu talk on the History of St. John to the cadets; his knowledge in this area was excellent, even remembering dates.

Maynard became a St. John Brigade trainer in 1983; upon redundancy in 1989, he started training and assessing for Priory, FAW courses and other First Aid courses.

In 1995 he decided that he would like a Carol Service for the Local Division and this still continues today, becoming a permanent fixture in the local church’s calendar .The collection money goes to the |St. John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital.

He has until recently given immense encouragement, advice, guidance and support to all Divisions, Officers and young people. Up until the end of 2018 he was the treasurer of Loughor Division.

Overall, he  has been and still is, an excellent mentor to those he meets within St. John and the local community, giving help, guidance and advice regardless of rank or status, whether it be on administration, operational duties or training.

Despite holding a County rank Maynard continued to remain loyal to Loughor division attending Divisional meetings and all other local events until his health deteriorated over the past year.

Alfa Maynard Lewis still lives up to the mottos of the Order.

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