Gail's Story

Date: 08 January 2019


My name is Gail Melvin (living in Cardiff) and I’m a Specialist Nurse in Organ Donation working for NHS Blood & Transplant and I’m proud to say that my connection with St John Cymru started way back as a child in my Primary School in the Rhondda Valley.

St John Cymru began first aid classes in my local school and there my love for nursing grew; from bandaging my friends and using fake blood to make pretend wounds, to laughing when trying to put your friend in the recovery position.

We soon had to put those skills into practice during one summer holiday, we decided to make a rope swing from a tree and yes you guessed it one of my friends fell off, hit her head and right there my nursing career started!

My 25 years in nursing has been diverse, exciting and memorable and I’m honoured to say that I still have a link with St John Cymru. The organisation now supports Organ Donation through the Order of St John UK Award for Organ Donation which was recently held in the Principality Stadium, Cardiff.

The award is received by families whose loved ones donated their organs and posthumously honours the donor. The award ceremony brings donor families and specialist nurses together to remember their loved ones ultimate gift, the gift of life.

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