James' Story

Date: 26 April 2018


It was a usual Tuesday afternoon, when my three-year-old son Harri and I picked up his brother James from school and popped round to my Mum’s house, where she’d made sandwiches for them both.

The boys were sat in the living room eating while my Mum and I had a cuppa in the next room. Suddenly I heard James shout, “Mum, Mum, Harri’s choking!” I ran in to see Harri was red in the face and starting to turn blue.

James had already begun giving Harri first aid and after three strong back blows the food flew out and Harri was able to catch his breath. Harri was a bit shaken after the incident, but James took it all in his stride. It was only the night before, James’ St John Cymru Badger group had joined in with the older Cadets and learnt how to deal with a choking casualty.

At the time James' mum Zara said, “I’m so grateful that James had been shown the skills needed to save a life. If he hadn’t have been there the outcome could have been very different. I am really proud of him and never thought he'd be doing something like this at 9 years old!




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