Linda's Story

Date: 06 March 2019


Linda Kimber readily admits that she “wasn’t very good in an emergency” – but the grandmother is confident she is now ready for anything that happens when she is looking after her six-month-old granddaughter Ava.

Linda, 54, has completed a Child and Infant First Aid course with St John Cymru-Wales , saying it was “really great training” and great value – but, initially, she wasn’t that keen on going along.

“My daughter Helen is going back to work and I will be looking after Ava one day a week,”

said Linda, who’s married to Andy, 56.

“While we were talking about what was going to be happening, Helen said that she had seen some statistics about child injuries and she wanted me to go on a course to learn how to do first aid for the baby.

“I wasn’t too keen at all. I didn’t relish the idea as I’m not good in an emergency and don’t like blood.

“I’d never had first aid training, and when Andy fainted I just left it to someone else. I was nervous and didn’t really want to get involved.”

But, following the four-hour course she completed at the same time as Helen, Linda says she is now ready for her childcare duties.

“The things I learned have given me the confidence to tackle a situation and the knowhow to give it a go,”

she said.

“Before I was worried that I would have made things worse, but now I know what to look for in children. The trainer was very friendly and showed the class how to deal with it.

“It was definitely worth doing, and I would urge anyone else who looks after children to make sure they learn what to do in an emergency.”


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