Our Story

For 100 years, St John Cymru Wales has been at the heart of Welsh communities, committed to providing a lifeline to the people of Wales.

St John Cymru was established in 1918 and during its time provided the first ambulance service for the people of Wales.

Since then our services have supported people through some of the country’s highs and lows, from rescuing soldiers on the battlefield in the First World War to being pitchside when Wales won Grand Slams and when the Champions League finals came to Cardiff.

In 2018 we are celebrating the centenary of St John Cymru Wales, as we are now known. It was on St David’s Day 1918 that the Priory for Wales of the order of St John was established so that is the day we celebrate our anniversary each year. St John was operating in Wales long before that date, but it was thanks to volunteers tremendous efforts helping in mining communities across Wales and then helping during World War One that put us on the map as a separate branch of St John. After the war, our objectives were to look after the needs of the people of Wales, the aftercare of the war wounded and the rehabilitation of the St John Ambulance Brigade volunteers.

Once we were established many people came forward to take part in our work in their local community. Our volunteer numbers soared and we still have a large volunteer base who carry out our work across the country on a daily basis.

St John Cymru may have changed but we are now Wales’ leading first aid charity and we believe our work is as valuable now as it was 100 years ago.

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