What We Do

St John Cymru provides first aid treatment and training, youth programmes, patient transport, event cover and emergency response across the whole of Wales.

Our aim is to create a Wales where there is a first aider in every home, who can make a real difference in an emergency. We work to achieve this by providing first aid treatment and training in communities across Wales. This alongside our patient transport services, emergency first response and first aid cover at events make us Wales' leading first aid charity. 

Below, you can read about some of our key areas of work which we will be carrying out to help us achieve our aims, during our centenary year.

Youth Development

Young people are our future, and St John Cymru Wales are proud to provide many opportunities and development programmes for children and young people aged between 5-25 years old. Our programmes teach vital first aid skills, develop young people’s aspirations and enhance their future education, providing the perfect springboard for our healthcare professionals of the future.

St John Cymru Wales is a major youth organisation, with over half of our 4,500 volunteers under the age of 18. Individuals can sign up to one of our programmes, becoming a Badger or Cadet in one of 90 groups, and many of our older members move on to become Youth Leaders, playing a crucial role in the development of future generations.

Our aim is to create an environment where they can grow and learn from an early age. Over 10% of our 2,400 adult volunteers are already employed as registered healthcare professionals and approximately 8% percent of our young Cadets already progressing into a health-care related career pathway at University at 18 years, we’re extremely proud to be creating the next generation of healthcare professionals; our future doctors, nurses and paramedics. 

Community Training

Every year in Wales people dies from avoidable causes. We know that 59% of prehospital deaths from an injury could have been prevented with basic first aid. By training more people in the community to administer emergency first aid, St John Cymru can create a community of first aiders. We provide first aid training in communities across Wales to address this and make a change.

Every year, we deliver first aid training to more than 30,000 people. 17,000 of those are within our community training activity, which includes training school children and those in community groups. We give people the confidence and skills they need to respond when an emergency or injury occurs. Looking for first aid advice? Visit www.stjohn.wales/first-aid-advice

Cycle First Response

St John Cymru Wales Cycle First Responders attend many events around Wales, including marathons, cycle events and those where road vehicles cannot access. This mode of response ensures our patients receive care quickly and effectively, especially within city centre events in pedestrianised areas.
Our Cycle Responders can deliver a range of first aid and responder skills. Each bicycle has the capability to carry Oxygen and an Automated External Defibrillator.

Commercial Training

Every year thousands of people die in situations where first aid could have made a difference. St John Cymru believes that everyone should be equipped with vital life-saving skills which could be the difference between life and death in an emergency situation.

It's never too early to start learning first aid. That's why we offer training from age 5. From our Young Lifesavers Scheme, through community training and commercial, there is a course for everyone!

Patient Transport

We know that when a patient needs transporting you need to call on someone you can trust. As the leading provider of private patient transport in Wales, we've been transporting patients for over a decade. Whether it's moving patients between hospitals, discharges, airport repatriation or even the collection and delivery of medical notes we can be there. We work with the NHS, local health boards, social services, private hospitals, insurance companies and individuals, operating 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Event Cover

We provide first aid and ambulance cover at events of all sizes. From your local village fair to a Six Nations match we have the ability to tailor our medical cover to your event and our experienced volunteers will ensure that your cover meets the requirements of national recommendations and standards.

Our volunteers are trained in advanced first aid, ambulance and lifesaving skills and attend hundreds of events each year. They provide essential support on location, en-route to the hospital or until the emergency services arrive.

With divisions located all across Wales, there is always a St John Cymru unit local to your event.

Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved with St John Cymru. Find out how!